Updating my page I am about to carry out an expedition to the

Training Centre for Cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin,

where a group of 9 artists and1scientist will participate in a series of parabolic flights.

The artists will produce a series of art pieces in a zero gravity environment.

Two years of work and reflection on the force of gravity will be shown at the beginning of 2015 in the Laboratorio Arte Alameda (Mexico City). 

I see you there!

September 2014



(bio) ...or who am I, what I have done and what I am doing. . .

A bio can tell you what I have studied and what I have being working on. But knowing that I’ve studied industrial design, jewelry, textiles, and even boatbuilding doesn’t tell you who I really am. Studying that has not told me it either!

I was born on an elevator.

When I was seven years old, someone told me that time was God, but if I believed this to be true, my life would be ruined. Since then, time has been a major question for me, especially the different ways of perceiving time, and how from them arise different images for understanding the world. My time explorations have included poetry, hypnosis, personal obsession, ... and the sciences.

I am curious about the concepts of the present, but also about the concepts of past and future, as well as that of space-time, and how to navigate there, but I also have two adolescent children who set my feet on the ground. For them, time and space are handled in other dimensions.

Here is a .pdf containing my CV


Sometimes I seek to understand but do not come to an understanding, then doubt ignites the creative process. The search starts, where creation is a metaphor of doubt itself, the process to question everything, to expand my sight to include the inside and the outside, the micro and the macro, the “I” and the “you,” the time and space, ... everything in its context.

Sometimes metaphors emerge from dreams, intuition, emotions, experiences, research, as well as from a synthesis of these forces. Sometimes the creative process is simply an obsessive way of reminding myself that I am still alive.

Here is a sample of previous works that relate to what I am working on today.

New projects include:

La Gravedad de los Asuntos (The Gravity of Issues), a project involving nine artists and scientists that will explore concepts of gravity and develop work to be realized in Gravity Zero Parabolic Flights. I co-directed this project with Nahum Mantra and Juan José Díaz Infante, in collaboration with the Laboratorio Arte Alameda and the National Institute of Nuclear Science UNAM, among other institutions.

. . .y si el tiempo no fuera una línea (. . .and if time was not a line), a project in search of present time involving La Carta del Cielo, the astro-photographic observatory built in 1887 that uses the telescope as the wheel of a ship that travels through space and time. This project is being realized with the support of FONCA, Sistema Nacional de Creadores and the National Astronomy Institute (UNAM).

. . . perderse en espacio-tiempo específico (. . .getting lost in specific space-time), the working title for the search for a specific time and space on earth, when and where it’s possible to get lost: sailing on the equator line, the zero parallel, during the equinox. The project is being realized with the support of FONCA, Sistema Nacional de Creadores.